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Have tool belt, will travel. The complex, integrated nature of business today requires our clients operate facilities throughout the United States, in many instances.  And though we call Dallas, Texas, home, our Schwob Building Company team made a commitment in the 1990s to support our clients in markets across the U.S.

Our team maintains the licenses, personnel, equipment and fortitude to complete complex projects across the country and internationally, when a client requests that we validate our passports and get familiar with the local building codes.

And while we have completed projects as far as 8,000 miles away in Basra, Iraq, our Schwob team still feels that same tinge of Texas Pride when we work for clients in our own backyard.


Schwob’s estimating team is responsible for building and maintaining subcontractor relationships in the markets where we build.  Our team works diligently with experts in each trade to scope industry standard line items and put forth a reliable estimate of project costs.

Additionally, we often rely on our direct experience, and collaborate with our subcontractors to provide outside concepts related to: value engineering and cost savings, quality control and more efficient building solutions.  

Ultimately, a construction manager is only as good as their subcontractor base, and these relationships are a critical element to any project’s success.  

Rarely is there any substitute for experience, and this concept is reflected, and often magnified in the building process.


Working on behalf of owners, Construction Managers complete the project per the plans and specifications provided, while maintaining the schedule and managing the payment approval process.

Disciplines related to construction project management, including: technology, materials management, government oversight, project design, engineering and financing, have all advanced in recent years. With these additional complexities in the construction process, owners require accountability and accurate guidance during the project planning and construction process.

Our Schwob team provides clients a “team approach” to total project coordination, with an eye towards monitoring and assisting all parties involved in the process, in order to ensure that a quality finished product is constructed per plans and specifications.


The design-build method of project delivery is based on a proven series of processes, whereby multiple parties including, architects, engineers, designers, contractors and major subcontractors, work collaboratively and communicate efficiently to deliver otherwise unachievable project results.

From the inception of a project, when owners and industry professionals work together towards a unified goal, creative solutions flourish, project costs are minimized, and delivery schedules are streamlined, at each turn.  

Our Schwob team takes pride in working with our clients to use the design-build project delivery method as means to making their “napkin sketches” a reality.


“Measure twice, cut once.”  Like most sayings that endure, this one is based in common wisdom.  In commercial design and construction “measuring twice” is equally important.

The process of estimating the costs associated with a set of well thought out and designed building plans is crucial to ensuring the success of any project, especially since decisions made today impact a structure for its useful life.  Quality and cost trade-offs must also be critically assessed throughout the process to ensure that the proper balance of project budget and building function are achieved.

Our Schwob team works diligently to:
Plan the work.
Budget the work.
Schedule the work.
Execute the work.
Measure our team’s performed against that plan.

Safety & Quality Control

The Schwob team is committed to job-site safety and quality control without exception. We have the people, policies and procedures in place to assure our clients and our subcontractors that stringent safety and quality standards are expected and met daily, on each project. We take seriously our commitment to continually improve safety standards for our entire workforce and thereby the communities they serve.

Our corporate mission includes providing each Schwob team member with the requisite training and tools to thrive in the field, while delivering the highest quality workmanship to our clients.